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I tried to be perfect

It just wasn't worth it

24 January 1989
The [more] private journal of fairydogericara.

I'm a Biology major currently. I work at a job I love more days than others, but I need the money for my car, tuition, books, and whatever other expenses I might have so not working isn't an option for me. I'm currently single, after being disappointed many times, and not exactly looking for the fear of being hurt once again, or disappointed again. I dream of being able to travel to France sometime soon, as well as the Dominican Republic. That being said, I speak French and English fluently, and have started to learn Spanish.

Everything I do and say is for a reason, and I try to live life without regrets-after all, life's too short, and you only get a chance to live once. I know what I want out of life, and I'm determined to get what I want in life, and will. I don't like fake people, backstabbers, or two-faced bitches. I don't like clingy people, or those who judge you before they get to know you. I don't like people who use others, or getting used by people. These type of people can go and f*** themselves. I tend to make my feelings about certain people and things quite clear at times. Some people don't like it. Some people just need to learn to accept the truth. I'm evil and mean if you get on my bad side.

"Because I told you once, you (son of a) bitch, I'm the best there's ever been."

Life's rapidly changing, and for the better. Once one thing falls into place, everything else will follow, most wonderfully. ♥ Even if it doesn't seem like it, or if I'm not convinced of it. But that's what I've been told by someone close to me, and I tend to believe the person who told me, and they're rather wise, so I like to think it's true.

Gaia Online anime roleplaying community

se puede enamorar, sin necesidad de hablarse
Solo los labios rosarse, cupido los flechara
Y solo por un beso
Con ella soy feliz,
Tan solo con un besito, me llevo al infinito y ni si quiera la conosco bien
Un beso significa amsistad, sexo, y amor
En cualquier parte del mundo no importa la religion
Por un beso de su boca
Voy al cielo y hablo con dios
Alcanzo las estrellas de emocion